Good Earth Drilling has been successfully providing services since December 2005. Partners Steve Wipf, John Teichroeb and Jaysen Inverarity together have combined over 65 years’ experience in the drilling industry. With our vast experience in reverse circulation drilling and air/mud rotary with wireline coring we have completed projects where others have failed. Working on both brown and greenfield mines, we are experts in the provision of sampling data for the mining industry. Our principals have experience in drilling RC, Core and Conventional boreholes throughout western Canada.


Concentrating on the mining industry we have grown our company to carry out value added sampling procedures. These sampling procedures deliver the results our customers require to direct the future of their mine.

Depending on customer requirements we are able to deploy the right personnel and equipment to deliver drilling services that add value. With experienced crews and modern equipment Good Earth Drilling Services has the ability to overcome obstacles of difficult terrain, difficult weather and difficult geology. Good Earth Drilling Services Ltd. is committed to the safety of our workers. Our management team is committed to ensuring that every employee is able to perform their duties competently so that they are able to return home to their families safely after every shift.

We ensure that our employees are well trained in both formal training programs as well as on the job training. We consider safe work practices part of our routine duties on the job. Hazard identification, elimination and controls are managed on site through our Health and Safety Program. This program is adhered to by our owners through to our newest employee. Our safety program at Good Earth Drilling Services is active and evolving. This ensures that we adopt best practices and re-enforce the commitment management and employees alike are expected to perform in our daily tasks.

Good Earth Drilling Services strives to keep our employees working throughout the year by diversifying the scope of our drilling services offered. This keeps employees engaged in the equipment they use helping with familiarity and competence.