Good Earth Drilling Services Ltd. operates tracked drilling equipment that is capable of drilling RC, Coring as well as open hole programs. Our track rigs are set up to drill vertical as well as angle holes. We can drill 600 meter holes with our tracked rigs. They are angle capable. Our support equipment for these rigs is also all mounted on tracks allowing Good Earth Drilling Services Ltd. the ability to offer our clients the unique ability to access difficult drill sites while keeping the footprint low for access. Our equipment is modern and automated. Pipe handling equipment allows our staff to stay out of the line of fire reducing the exposure to hazard potential. Large air compressors of 1150 CFM accompany this equipment to allow for efficient drilling in the hardest to reach areas of a mine.

RIG 130

2012 Novamac EWT 642 Track Rig. Angle Capable. Up to 6 meter lengths. Drilling Types: RC, 3” and 6” Core, Monitor wells, and open hole drilling, Geothermal, Water wells.