While our employees are at work at Good Earth Drilling Ltd., they are able to do so with an expectation of returning safely home after every shift. Every worker has a responsibility to their health and safety at our worksites. This includes participation in our health and safety program. Good Earth Drilling Services Ltd. has an Alberta Certificate Of Recognition (COR) from the Alberta Partnerships in Health and Safety Program. We strive every day, all day, to make our processes’ safer and more efficient for our employees. We have invested in automated pipe handling equipment that will keep employees out of the line of fire versus the old style of handling tubulars hands on. These automations have also reduced the amount of heavy lifting required on our equipment as the automation takes care of things.

Our Safety program is promoted and followed by all employees of the company. This is led by our owner group. We know to be competitive in our industry that safety is a required part of everything we do. Our commitment to safety is strong. We are committed to training our employees in the procedures that will help them avoid hazards as they carry out their work. This includes at a minimum safety training that each employee is required to undertake to maintain employment. All of our employees are trained in First Aid, H2S, and CSTS. As an employee gains experience with our company other safety training is required such as First and Second line well control, Confined Space Entry, and Fall Protection as well as others. Our commitment to our employees as well as our clients ensures we will do more than the minimum to ensure our worksites are safe. Our goal is to maintain an industry leading safety program and record. We provide a work place that provides competencies to our employees, making them aware of the hazards around them. Giving our employees the tools to mitigate the hazards and allowing them to carry out our goal of providing excellent service to our clients.